Kayla Munro

Figuring life out

Moms. — October 6, 2019


Mom’s save the day again and again. All the mothers in my life are amazing women. Why is it that we only celebrate moms once a year? This morning around 3 am Mackenzie woke me up and stated that she wanted to watch Frozen. For those of you who don’t know thats her favorite movie. She watches it like 4 times a day. Anyways she woke up and wanted to watch Frozen. I woke up with her and I stayed up with her while we watched Frozen for the thousandth time. I never realized how much moms do for their babies until I became a mother. From saving us from our first heartbreak to cleaning up the cereal we spilled. They work tirelessly to make sure their kids are fed, clothed, and loved.

Mackenzie means so much to me. She is the light of my life. She is defiantly a blessing that God has given me. He knew exactly who i needed right when I needed her. At first I was confused. Why me? Why would you allow me to be a mother? It just didn’t make sense. But He knew what he was doing. She brightens my whole day. The past couple weeks I haven’t been working and I value all the time i get to spend with her. We even take naps together sometimes. Being a mom is really hard work. Being a single mom is even harder. I didn’t realize how much harder it would be without a significant other. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. When they say it takes a It takes a village to raise a baby they are so right and my village that is helping me i am so grateful for. I am blessed.

My mom is amazing. She has saved my world from crashing in multiple times. She has always been there for me. I was a baby that had colic so she had it rough with me. She was there for me with my first heartbreak, when we had to move across the state and leave all my friends, she has been there for all my suicidal thoughts. I’ve put her through hell through the last year because I have been a mess. She’s had to worry about me everyday. But I am finally feeling better about putting my life back together.

My step-mom is amazing as well. Recently Ive gotten a lot closer to her and our relationship has grown immensely. Even being a step mom she is an important woman in my life. For the past two weeks she has encouraged me everyday from telling me she loves me to writing sticky notes of affirmations on my mirror. In the past, I wasn’t the nicest to her and she would still love me unconditionally. God blessed me with a great woman for a stepmom and I am forever thankful for her.

My challenge for you is to thank your mother today. If your mother is no longer on earth thank her in spirit. And you don’t have to stop there thank not only your mother but all the mothers around you that have helped you in any way. Mothers are kind, loving and resilient. I hope to be half the mother one day that both my moms are to me.