Mental health matters. Today is mental health awareness day. So I though I would share with one thing that is most important to me in my recovery. Self care can be done in many different ways. Heres 10 ways you can practice self care:

  • Taking a shower or a bath: Taking a shower or bath can be very relaxing. Getting clean can wash away all the stress that the day has brought on. Last night I was so exhausted and a little stressed out from the day, I ended up taking a bath to relax. It was one of the nicest things I could have done for myself.
  • Long Car rides: Have you ever just taken a nice night ride just for fun. Long car rides always help with my self care. Years ago I was seeing a therapist that was 45 minutes away. Once a week I would go see him and it was seriously the best time to myself I could ask for.
  • Listening to music: Listening to music is my jam. I love music and even more than that I love singing. Which is where the car ride comes in handy. I just blast my music and sing at the top of my lungs. I may look funny to other people but in my head I am as happy as can be.
  • Calling a friend: This one is always a good one. After a long hard day at work, or taking care of children its good to let things out with someone you trust. I have a list of people in my journal that I call very frequently when I need to talk to someone. Talking to someone is always a good way to practice self care.
  • Getting hair/nails/makeup done: I get my nails done every 3-4 weeks. It may be an unneeded expense, but I get them done because its my time to sit back and relax. Its really important for me to get my nails done because they make me feel more confident about myself. Putting makeup on for me is just fun and I love doing it. It makes me feel better about my day and makes me feel like I accomplished something.
  • Doing a puzzle: Getting your brain to work is a good thing. There is an app I have called “Puzzle Page”and I play it almost everyday. It has different puzzles on it that get my brain moving. While in the rehab center I was at we played a lot of bananagrams. If you haven’t played it I strongly suggest getting it. Its a fun little way to have fun with peers while exercising your brain.
  • Watching a movie: Watching a movie can always be a good thing. Its nice to just sit back and relax and have a movie night. Get out of your reality for a moment and get lost in a story. Movies are a good way to practice self care.
  • Taking a walk: I love walking. Walking is not only good for the mind but it’s good for the body. Getting out and getting some fresh air might just be what your body needs, I always take my daughter and my dog for walks after dinner. It’s a good way to remind me of something very important to me, which is nature. I love getting out in nature and meditating and just listening to your higher power.
  • Volunteering: Volunteering always makes people feel better. Doing something for the less fortunate can make you feel like your making a difference in the world. For me, its volunteering at my local animal shelter. As an animal lover, I love to just sit and play with cats or walk a few dogs. Volunteering makes a difference and you can feel it in your heart.
  • Pray: Praying is a perfect way to practice self care. The best part is its free. All it costs is a few minutes out of your day. God wants to listen to what you have to say. Every night before I go to bed. I write in my journal and then I write a letter to my God. This works with whatever you higher power is. Thats why I love it so much.

The trick is to practice self care everyday. Find things that make you happy and do them everyday. Thats the answer to life because when your doing things you love its hard to not enjoy life.