You matter. The two words that have started me on this adventure. A gal came in to where I work as a client and handed me a card. It was a white card that simply stated “you matter” in black font. It got me thinking, I do matter. Why do we tell ourselves that we don’t matter? Why do we let ourselves to believe that were anything less than who we were meant to be? God made you in his own image. God never made a mistake especially when making you. Honestly, I struggle with thinking this way. When I started self harming in middle school I always felt like I needed to punish myself because I didn’t deserve what I had. I remember one year at bible camp my teacher told me that if God made you without any mistakes, why would you criticize his creation. I think the example she used was a blanket. If you worked so hard on a blanket, and someone came by and said it sucked, well it wouldn’t feel that great to receive that kind of news. But we do this to ourselves every day. We always see ourselves as less than what we are. I have to remind myself every day that God made me the way I am and that I can’t think of myself as less than. One really cool thing about the card, one of my bible study friends got one too. One woman can make someones day by saying two words. You never know how much you can mean to someone with saying something as little as “you matter”.